Do you dream of pursuing a career in luxury decor? Then we are a perfect fit for you. Come join us in our journey to create dream homes and designs that last forever. Scroll down below to see which positions are open and the process to apply.


Interested in being a part of the Hèrmosa team, but unsure about the process? Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions to help you out! We are eagerly waiting to hear from you!

What is the recruitment process like at Hèrmosa?

At Hèrmosa Design Studio, we endeavour to create an amalgamation of design with luxury and for this, we are always open to new ideas and people. Hèrmosa Design Studio follows an in-depth recruitment process to hire candidates that are fitted to the organization’s vision and the responsibilities that come with the job. The process goes as follows:


Receiving of applications:

Our portals are open to applications through various media like Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Newspaper ads and direct mails as such. You can drop in a Hello along with your CV and Cover Letter at [email protected] 


Thorough assessment:

The applications that are received are then thoroughly assessed as per the candidate’s skillset, qualification, past experience, etc and skills required by the company. We want to ensure that the candidate and the company are both a good fit for each other for a long association.


Introductory Interview:

Selected candidates are invited for interviews for a one-on-one acquaintance with the brand. Candidates are interviewed on their competency, communication skills and amicability.


Technical interview:

The second round of interviews called a technical interview is conducted of those candidates who get selected from the first round of interview. This process enables us to judge your core competencies and primary skills.


Job offer/Final Negotiations

A formal joining date and final offer are made depending on the deliberations and negotiations with the candidate.

How long does the recruitment process take?

The whole recruitment process can take around 15 – 20 days to complete.

How do I apply for recruitment?

People who are interested and serious about growing in the luxury furniture industry can mail in their resumes on our Email ID ie. [email protected]

What should be included in my application?

Candidates application must necessarily include:

  1. An updated resume along with their Qualification Details, Employment Record and latest Contact Details/Mail ID
  2. Updated Portfolio (If applying for any designing/engineering position)

What does Hèrmosa Design Studio look for in a Candidate?

Hèrmosa Design Studio believes that each and every individual has something unique to offer. We want our employees to be a part of our success by creating comfortable as well as a unique furnishing solution for our customers which makes them come back for more.

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