Residential Furniture

Basant Apartments

‘Basant’ is an apartment located in Cuffe Parade, a busy township of Mumbai. This apartment was designed for a young couple, so it had to be sophisticated and chic with simple clean lines and practical at the same time. It’s the perfect example of elegance meeting contemporary designs. The elements used in the apartment reflect this concept. This apartment includes an office area, which stands out with it’s warm and unique styling. A grey background is followed by a rustic look in the restrooms. A hexagon themed pattern is carried throughout the house with a dash of bright colors to add a flavor of sophistication.
Elegance is not about being noticed, it's about being remembered.

Tahnee Heights

Tahnee Heights is another one of Hermosa’s beautiful designs located at Napean Sea Road, South Mumbai. Crafted for the modern couple, grandeur has been subtly orchestrated to greet you with nothing but a comforting, warm welcome. Embellished by lavish detailing, we went for a posh appeal to make it feel like your kingdom. A splash of vibrance has been added to the basic hues, infusing joy into the interiors.
On the whole, from the location of the apartment to its intricate embellishments, it’s perfect for anyone seeking privacy and style on this enchanting coastline of South Bombay.

Multimetals Guest House

MultiMetals Guest House is a guesthouse located in the most blissful township of Jaipur. Spacious and serene, it’s the perfect destination to enjoy time with your near and dear. Approx 2500sqft, MultiMetals lavish guesthouse is designed to pamper its guests with a luxurious, comfortable experience along with tremendous facilities offered within a single premises. Scroll through the gallery below to have a look at the the enticing designs by Hérmosa Design Studio.

Aurum Csheme

Aurum Csheme is a residential apartment located in Jaipur. It is approximately 2500 sq ft with 3 lavish, spacious rooms designed by Hermosa. Crafted to exceed the needs of a modern day family, it is equipped with high quality design furniture to make the apartment more comfortable, individual, unique and above all, functional. Pastel colors are paired with a monochrome palette to create a contemporary, upbeat vibe. We are well aware how important it is to feel good and at the same time be comfortable at home. That's why we put emphasis on your personal approach and detail promising to render an apartment that reflects your personal style using beautiful quality furnishings from Hermosa Design Studio. We believe in unity in order to add value to designs and welcome every creative input.