Institutional Furniture

Modern School, Jaipur

Modern School has its branches across the country at Jaipur, Bharatpur, Baran and Kota. Hermosa Design Studio has designed the furniture and arrangements for all the Modern Schools making it spacious, keeping in mind proper ventilation, upholstered furniture to facilitate smooth learning and interactive spaces to stimulate a smarter class. We successfully created a variety of agile & flexible learning zones and spaces designed to inspire collaboration learning at the gym, classrooms, laboratory, library and everywhere else! Our products withstand rigorous use and last for years while still maintaining an attractive appearance. Delivery and installation was achieved as per timeline and the project delivered within the budget specified by the client. Hermosa provides a wide range of products for offices, businesses, restaurants, hotels and other industrial applications with a variety of items to meet your every need!

Modern School, Baran

Subdued tones and a minimalist style have been combined to create simple yet stunning learning spaces that are innovative, flexible, and collaborative. The colour palette was chosen to compliment the surrounding landscape. Designs that aligned with global standards, while incorporating a mix of open-plan, collaborative and quiet areas into the space were executed. The combination of our workstations, height adjustable desks, and flow chairs in the learning zones provide a perfectly timeless canvas for all to customize and spur creativity. All in all, the innovative selection of furnishings for Modern School checks all the boxes of a perfectly practical and attractive contemporary class design by Hermosa Design Studio. We are the one stop destination with solutions to all your furniture needs. Visit our store and infuse joy into your homes today!

landmark hostel

Striking , innovative and exceptional, the Landmark Hostel is indeed a landmark! Hermosa Studio designed the space to be naturally comfortable through the use of good cross ventilation and natural light. The furniture utilised supports the schools goal of creating a welcoming learning environment, with a combination of lounging furniture and kitchen spaces to accommodate the students through the semesters. Their investment in new, fit and purposeful facilities for our children will reap rewards far into the future. The complete interior concept effectively combines aesthetics, comfort and inclines the students to developing a disciplined, healthy lifestyle.